Student Testimonials for Kerry Cohen

"Thank you so much Kerry and Basement Writing Workshop for providing such a wonderful experience. I fully enjoyed the memoir class and feel like I learned quite a bit. I've never taken an on line class before and found that I like the flexibility. I also feel like I've made some writing friends that I hope will take the class again. Kerry was great. She really gave critiques that were not only encouraging, but were educational. I'm glad she pointed out things about mine and others writings where we can make improvements. It helps to have a professional critique to point how how I can make my writing better. The other students were great too."

"The memoir writing class with Kerry Cohen is the first creative writing class I have ever taken and the first writing class in about 30 years. I am excited to take it again in the Winter Quarter. I learned so much from Kerry's feedback and lectures. Her feedback was always clear and focused, spurring on more fruitful self-exploration to strengthen my story. She did this artfully. I felt positively encouraged about what I submitted and encouraged to give more of myself to the page. It was an amazing experience and I look forward to more."

"I really enjoyed my fellow students and learned so much from their writing and the feedback they received. It was a wonderfully rich mix of writers who brought different life experiences to the page that were a pleasure to read.

"Thank you to Basement Writing Workshop and Kerry for this fantastic experience. I was nervous as a novice to the class but am so pleased that I took this step outside my comfort zone. I am addicted. Thank you!"

"Thank you Basement Writing Workshop for a great writing experience. I took the Memoir Writing class with Kerry Cohen who is absolutely inspiring and right on target with her comments. Those in the workshop were dedicated, helpful, and wonderful writers. I learned so much from Kerry and everyone involved. Of course, you get out of it what you put into it. I've signed up for the next session as this is probably the most honest and real workshop I've ever taken. I highly recommend it."

Student Testimonials for G. Xavier Robillard

"I found it difficult to write because I was laughing so hard."

"Greg finds the hidden potential in you, then stomps on it and says "Hey, there's only room for one funny guy in this class." It's a lesson in humility.

Comedy writing is hard work. But Greg's advice and feedback is so rewarding and satisfying for my survival as a burgeoning humorist. The world of comedy writing can be like the planet Hoth, cold and blustery, but sometimes kind of silly. And of course Greg is the TaunTaun whose guts I split open and crawl inside for warmth. He's that kind of guy.

I really like the regularity of the structure. Greg sends out homework and the assignment on Monday, and then it's basically up to me to respond, ask questions and post something for him and the other comedy writers to comment on. Comments are great. All super helpful constructive criticism. Really thankful for the knowledge being shared and the introduction to new authors and stories to read.

Student Testimonials for Lana Fox

"Taking writing courses with Lana Fox is a dream. I've taught and taken many writing classes and never have I felt as nurtured, supported, and challenged as I do when I am studying with Lana. Lana's enthusiasm, incredible energy, and attention to the needs and goals of her students is unsurpassed and her incredible knowledge of the craft will leave you breathless (particularly if you take one of her erotica courses!). Working with Lana is always a gift and a pleasure!"
-KL Pereira
Writer and Teacher

"What makes Lana Fox a force to be reckoned with (on the page, in the classroom, about the blogosphere) is her willingness to explore those deeper, more complicated instincts of love and feeling, often when so much is at stake. As writers, heck, as people, we would all be better off to take a page from Miss Fox, and try to see things in this light - as they truly are, then attempt to put to words."
-Stace Budzko

"I am convinced that Lana is one of the best workshop instructors out there today. She provides criticism without being critical, provides support without being condescending, and has the ability to see the beauty that the author intended to create in even the most imperfect piece, and then help the author make that beauty visible for all future readers. Lana is the genuine article."
- Carrie