Fiction Writing Workshop: Writing Through the Dark
Led by James Bernard Frost    $320

10-week workshop

Tuesday evenings @ 7:00    Portland only--3/29-5/30

Fiction writing workshops often emphasize the positive: how to find your muse and write inspirational prose. But what if that's not what you want? What if you want your muse dead and all your characters too? In writing through the dark, we'll get in touch with gritty stories: whether they be steampunk or horror or literary work that takes on a bleak topic. We'll learn how to look deep into the abyss, then dare to write something truly disturbing.

Previous workshop experience is helpful but not necessary. Writers are expected to bring in existing or in-process work for three of the sessions (a schedule will be developed during the first session). This workshop will be held at the Writers' Dojo in the St. John's neighborhood in North Portland.

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