Poetry Writing Workshop: Dig Deep Poetry
Instructor: Amy Minato    $320

3/28 - 6/5

Your secret desire. The time you betrayed a friend. The silhouette of someone in a lit-up room you pass on your nightly walk. Write about what obsesses, frightens, stimulates, disturbs and/or jazzes you in this course where we sidetrack the glossy surface of literary polish to begin with the core subject. Learn to tame your raw material just enough to saddle it and ride off into the horizon. Through a close study of various poets we'll observe the range of styles and practice several to broaden your toolbox. Our creative exercises will include a look at form, imagery, diction, metaphor, narrative, tone, rhythm and perspective. We'll then sift our work through the encouraging sieve of supportive group critique. New and experienced poets welcome.

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