Memoir Writing Workshop
Instructor: Kerry Cohen    $320
3/28 - 6/5

This is a workshop for anyone who has a personal story pressing beneath his/her skin, the story that's dying to be told. You might not know where to begin; you might have some of it written; you might even have the whole thing written. Whatever you have done or not done, you want to learn more about how to shape it, how to make it a page-turner, and how to be true to what you want to say. If you've never taken a memoir writing workshop, this workshop is perfect for you. If you need a refresher, this workshop is perfect for you too. We will discuss the character's core desire and motivation, building tension, how to handle issues of truth, and much more. Also, throughout, we'll discuss all those other issues that come up when we write memoir - fears about hurting people, how to handle memory, etc. By the end of our time together, you will be well on your way to completing the memoir you've long wanted to write.

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