Classroom Screenshots

Wonder what a Basement Writing Workshop classroom looks like?  Here’s some insider screenshots to get an idea of what to expect at BW2.

Campus Home Page

The campus home page keeps you up-to-date on all the changes and happenings at the Basement Writing Workshop, and gives you an idea of who is online.

Extensive Profiles

You’ll have lots of opportunities to get to know your instructors and fellow classmates through our extensive profile system.  We also make it easy for your instructor to tailor his or her critiques to your level of writing experience.

Activity and Status Updates

See what your instructor and your favorite classmates have been up to:

Instructor Blogs

Basement Writing Workshop instructors post assignments, discussions, and writing exercises on their blogs, which students can comment on and participate in:

Writers’ Notebooks

One of the most important features of our site.  Each Basement Writing Workshop student has his or her own notebook where they can share their work with both instructors and their fellow students.  Information in the profile section informs participants what style of critique they like to receive.  Comments are fast and furious:

Email Alerts

Each time an instructor or fellow student makes a new post to their blog or writers’ notebook, you receive an alert directly into your personal inbox.  This system keeps you both informed and engaged in your classroom–you’ll never miss an important assignment at BW2!

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