Winter Classes to be Announced Soon

We’re finalizing our roster of Winter Classes.  Looks like we’ll be going with six classes for the winter.  The three classes we ran in the fall were a smashing success, and we’ll be running them again: Kerry Cohen’s Memoir Writing Class, Art Edwards’ Rock & Roll Writing Class, and G. Xavier Robillard’s Comedy Writing Class.  By request, we’re adding a poetry class this Winter.  Amy Minato came to us highly recommended.  She’s an experienced instructor, and we’re lucky to have her on board.  We’re offering another class by Shanna Germain this Winter, and hoping we can get enough students.  (Genre writing was too wide a net.)  This time she’ll be teaching either an Erotica Writing or Sex Writing course.  Finally, we’ll be offering a fiction writing workshop again.  It will probably be taught by Michael Guerra: another hard-working instructor whose very generous with his time.

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