Online Creative Writing Workshops @ Basement Writing Workshop

Welcome to the basement, where you can take online creative writing workshops any time from anywhere. We offer erotica writing workshops, rock and roll writing workshops, thriller writing workshops, memoir writing workshops, and other workshops that are difficult to come by in more academic settings.

The Basement Writing Workshop was designed as an alternative to the high-brow workshops taught in MFA programs and other online creative writing schools. Our courses are for people with a story, who want to know how to tell it. Our staff is made up of professional writers who make a living from their writing, and who value honesty in their work. We prefer the gritty to the polished, a dirty story to a clean one.

Community is an important part of our writing workshops. Writing can be a lonely enterprise, and one lacking in reward, especially when faced with the realities of the publishing world. Our online writing workshops include profiles, autobiographical writing, and frequent "check-ins" to ensure that students feel connected to both their teachers and fellow writers.

Classes last ten weeks, and are taught in a workshop format. In the first week of each course, including our fiction writing workshops, all students are asked to write a short autobiographical essay. Students are then given the opportunity to present their work three times according to the guidelines of the course, to be workshopped by both their professor and fellow students. Some people however prefer to hire someone to write a paper.

Our headquarters are based in Portland, Oregon. We occasionally offer live workshops in conjunction with the Writers' Dojo in North the basement, of course. Join us, won't you?